September 27, 2020

Apple may support for external USB-C mouse for iPad Pro in iOS 13

1 min read

According to leaked news, iOS 13 for iPad will increase productivity for Apple’s tablets, and now there seems to be a new example of what Apple will do. Apple will bring mouse support for the iPad Pro series tablet, the mouse can be connected to the tablet through the USB-C interface. When an external mouse is connected, the iPad Pro will enable the auxiliary function mode to control the UI element, allowing the mouse to click with higher precision and convenient control. There are also reports that Apple will open mouse support in the next generation of iPad Pro, instead of directly supporting existing devices through iOS version 13.

USB-C iPad Pro

Apple’s iPad is still a well-deserved king in the tablet market, but it may not be comparable to desktops and systems. If Apple adds mouse support and window support, there may be more users willing to choose the iPad, which will really help users to improve productivity.