September 27, 2020

Apple released the first iOS 12.1.2 developer beta

1 min read

In the early morning of December 11, Apple released the first iOS 12.1.2 developer beta. This is the fifth day after the official release of iOS 12.1.1. It should be noted that the test for this beta version of the operating system is for developers. The build version of the beta is 16D5024a.

Now, if you are a developer and have a developer account, the full firmware package for the developer beta version of the iOS 12.1.2 operating system is available for download through the Apple Developer Center. Of course, iOS devices that are already in the developer’s beta state, if you have already installed the correct configuration file, you can also directly update the system through OTA.

The details of the update for iOS 12.1.2 Developer Beta 1 are temporarily unknown. However, as in the past, the main tasks of each iOS system test version are the repair and improvement of regular bugs, the stability and smoothness of the system version, and so on.

So, if your iPhone or iPad device is the main device for everyday use, it is recommended not to try it. However, if you are interested in beta testing, or if you are testing your non-primary machine, it is best to create a full backup via iTunes before you try it out, at least for iCloud cloud backups or for backing up important data.