December 5, 2020

Apple may release a foldable iPhone in 2022, starting at $1,499

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According to theverifier reports, when new technologies emerge, Apple’s approach has always been to wait for the technology to become mature before using it, rather than being the first company to use the technology. In the past two years, other competitors have been trying high-end foldable-screen phones, but Apple has been slow. But the good news is that the latest information shows that Apple may not be far from launching a foldable phone. The new news points out that the company may launch this kind of smartphone with a unique shape in 2022.

Apple foldable iPhone

Israeli media quoted reports from “reliable sources” that Apple may launch a foldable iPhone as early as November 2022. Earlier news said that Apple is testing foldable screens. The company may have purchased foldable screens from Samsung. After purchasing these screens, Apple did not rush to release foldable phones but first conducted quality tests on them. It is still unclear which display technology Apple will use on the foldable iPhone. If everything goes according to plan, it may take three to four years to switch to a microLED display.

This may mean that the foldable iPhone will use a mini-LED screen. Apple hopes to use this technology first and then transition to a microLED screen. However, this statement has not yet been officially confirmed by Apple. According to Israeli media, the starting price of the foldable iPhone will be US$1,499. Surprisingly, this price is not the highest in the market. Considering the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2’s US$1,999 price tag, Apple’s pricing is even lower. Perhaps Apple hopes to seize more high-end smartphone market share with more competitive prices. In addition, it is reported that this foldable iPhone will be equipped with 256 GB of internal storage space, plus 8GB of running memory.

Earlier, Apple also applied for a patent, which describes a foldable screen with self-healing characteristics, so we may also see similar technology on the foldable iPhone released in the future.

Source: The Verifier | Via: wccftech