Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Apple may launch new apps in the Microsoft Store

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In the previous cooperation agreement between Apple and Microsoft, Apple provided iTunes and iCloud in the Microsoft Store. Of course, these two applications are not much different from the previous traditional versions, they are very difficult to use. And iTunes and iCloud are originally provided on Windows, and it seems no different when they are listed in the Microsoft Store.

However, Alumia revealed that Apple is developing a new application for Windows 10. The specifics of this application have not been disclosed. However, since there is news that this application will be available soon. The current best candidate list should be Apple Music or Apple TV+, both of which are the services Apple is currently recommending.

Windows Store

Apple Music provides a cross-platform music playback experience. After all, not all users use iPhones and Macs, so if users only use iPhones, they need to choose other streaming music services on Windows 10, which is not conducive to Apple Music’s competitiveness. The same is true for Apple TV+, no matter which application supports Windows 10, it shows that this is Apple’s means of attracting users and attracting users to pay subscription strategies.

Via: mspoweruser