September 22, 2020

Docker partners with AWS to simplify container deployment

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At the AWS Cloud Containers Conference, Docker and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the deep integration of Docker Compose, Docker Desktop, and Docker Hub with Amazon ECS container services on AWS Fargate to simplify the workflow of Docker application developers.

The two companies have previously pointed out that in general, the workflow of obtaining Compose files and running them on ECS is a big challenge for developers. Now, the two parties have collaborated to build a simplified workflow, which makes it easier to switch between a container running locally and a container on ECS and provides developers with an easy way to run highly secure and scalable production applications in Amazon ECS.

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Docker emphasizes that this new workflow may help developers save days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the application.

With a large number of containers being built using Docker, we’re very excited to work with Docker to simplify the developer’s experience of building and deploying containerized applications to AWS,” said Deepak Singh, the VP for compute services at AWS. “Now customers can easily deploy their containerized applications from their local Docker environment straight to Amazon ECS. This accelerated path to modern application development and deployment allows customers to focus more effort on the unique value of their applications, and less time on figuring out how to deploy to the cloud.”

Docker revealed that “this functionality is being made available as a beta UX using docker ecs to drive commands. Later this year when the functionality becomes generally available this will become part of our new Docker Contexts and will allow you to just run docker run and docker compose.”

Via: TechCrunch