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Android Studio 3.2 Canary 11 released

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Android Studio 3.2 Canary 11. was released.

Navigate External Header Files
When using the Project window in previous versions of Android Studio, you could navigate to and inspect only the header files that belong to libraries you build locally. With this release, you can now also view and inspect header files included with external C/C++ library dependencies that you import into your app.

If you already include C/C++ code and libraries in your project, open the Project window on the left side of the IDE (click View > Tool Windows > Project) and make sure you select Android from the drop-down menu. In your project’s cpp/ directory, all headers that are within the scope of your app are organized under the include node for each of your local C/C++ library projects, as shown below.

Bug fixes:

  • Record a method trace during app startup
  • Lint checks to ensure Java code interops well with Kotlin (available since Canary 10)
  • Issue#77240636: Solid black-filled areas are missing in a vector drawable imported from SVG
  • Issue#77303892: Losing alpha channel in Image Asset Studio on Windows with Russian Locale.
  • Issue#77522540: Deprecation for ‘compile’ points people to ‘implementation’
  • Issue#68977385: Lambda causes crash in specific situation
  • Issue#72637989: Build does not run with instant run enabled on AS 3.1 Beta 1
  • Issue#74961584: Studio disables sdcard whenever data partition is resized
  • Issue#74493350: Apply fix to multiple files by one operation
  • Issue#37075533: Lint check to avoid compiler-generated synthetic accessor methods & constructors.
  • Issue#76404689: Advanced profiling causes device to crash with StackOverflowError
  • Issue#72872264: Studio Freeze (ANR)
  • Issue#76456341: Multiline log messages should be indented consistently between the Logcat and Run windows
  • Issue#73048570: Translations Editor – deleting keys does not update list.


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