Amazon acknowledges that the company’s employees leaked user information to the seller

Amazon leak

At the beginning of last month, Amazon platform sellers were found to cooperate with Amazon employees to obtain user information. The information gathered was mainly used to delete bad reviews.

If these platform sellers find that a user has given a bad review after purchasing, they will contact Amazon employees to acquire the user’s email address and then reach the users.

The minimum price per user data is $80 and up to $2,000, all of which are paid by the platform seller to the Amazon employee’s private account.


Amazon acknowledges employee violations:

Amazon has publicly disclosed the results of the survey. Some employees have collected bribes from sellers through their powers, including the removal of bad reviews, re-stocking and disclosure of information.

Even sellers will be able to sell search and click records for specific products to specific sellers at a higher price, and the seller will directly contact the user to promote their products.

At present, Amazon has expelled the offending employees and handed them over to law enforcement agencies, and sent emails to affected users to alert them to potential data breaches.

Sellers involved in bribery have also been completely removed:

For the offending employee, Amazon chooses to expel and hand it over to the law enforcement agencies, and the seller directly participates in bribery to purchase user data.

Amazon did not disclose who and the specific number of sellers who participated in the purchase of user data, nor did it reveal how many employees were involved in the expulsion from Amazon.

Via: ZDNet