ABUSE takedown over 100,000 malicious websites

ABUSE takedown over 100000 malicious websites

The latest blog from ABUSE, a non-profit organization, shows that there are currently more than 100,000 malicious websites submitted by security researchers around the world. These malicious websites are manually submitted by security researchers and will be added to the malicious website database for free after the review.

The database has tagged various malicious websites by different types, such as whether they are currently online, malicious content types, potential threat information, and so on. Security software developers and browser developers can use this database for free to help users intercept malicious websites that may be threatening.

It should be noted that this database does not distinguish between malicious websites or normal websites that have been hacked into malicious websites. Only threats will be warned.

The database is updated every five minutes to ensure a more timely interception of malicious websites, which is why ABUSE builds this list of malicious websites. The non-profit organization said that many malicious websites have been intercepted for several months, and for users, the interception time is too slow to protect users.

Finally, anyone can add a malicious website to this malicious website database, just log in to the website with a Twitter account and submit it.