Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

2019 GLOBAL SECURITY ATTITUDE SURVEY: More and more victims pay the ransom to ransomware

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According to data from the 2019 GLOBAL SECURITY ATTITUDE SURVEY released by cybersecurity company CrowdStrike, the total number of organizations that compromise hackers to pay the ransom after a supply chain attack has grown from 14% to 39%, doubled compared to the same period last year! The most typical of them is the United Kingdom. In 2019, the number of organizations in China that suffered ransomware attacks and paid ransoms twice as much as last year.

DSLR cameras ransomware
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Although major cybersecurity providers such as Microsoft and law enforcement have advised victims not to easily pay money to hackers, in some cases, organizations see it as the fastest and most convenient way to restore their networks. As everyone knows, easy compromise is also very harmful. Paying ransom is a high-risk solution, and usually, the price of ransom is high. And once this high-yielding behavior is successful, it will naturally encourage the hackers to continue to carry out the blackmail.

So, besides making good compromises, what other methods can be used to avoid or remedy attacks? Prior to this, the senior security consultant of the Microsoft team also shared in detail the six steps for the organization to actively respond to the attack. But in addition to these six steps, ensuring that the default password is not used on the network, and using two-factor authentication as much as possible is also an excellent means of protection.