Sat. Sep 19th, 2020

123ABCdef is CIA’s hacking tools password

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U.S. CIA employee, Joshua Schulte is currently undergoing interrogation, and US prosecutors have sued Schulte for a number of felonies including the crime of illegally obtaining state intelligence.

Joshua Schulte was the one who had previously stolen CIA secrets and disclosed the CIA ’s cyber weapons to WikiLeaks. At the same time, many important CIA secret documents were released.

It is also the case that Schulte was arrested by US law enforcement agencies after leaking these documents at that time, and until now the US District Court has decided to hear the leak.

The trial also revealed many of the CIA’s internal operations. For example, in the area of ​​computer and information intelligence, the CIA’s internal control measures were ineffective and defensive.


The court documents showed that the CIA’s virtual machine password used to store network weapons is 123ABCdef, which is certainly not a strong password.

At the same time, the Root password used by the CIA’s DevLAN server is mysweetsummer, which is also easy to guess and blast.

It is interesting that the CIA may be the most powerful intelligence agency on the planet, but the internal security control aspects of the CIA do not look much different from ordinary enterprises such as using weak passwords, using chat tools to transmit these weak passwords in cleartext.

Via: theregister