Trump tightens restrictions on Huawei and revokes licenses already obtained by companies such as Intel

Trump, who lost in the election, is about to leave office. Trump is still using his power to attack Chinese technology companies. For example, Trump signed an executive order earlier that Comac and Xiaomi were involved in the military, and therefore prohibited American investors from buying or holding any stocks in companies such as Xiaomi.

The media reports now claim that Trump has appointed the US Department of Commerce to tighten restrictions on Huawei, and many supply chain companies submitted applications for Huawei to be rejected by Trump.

At the same time, the U.S. Department of Commerce also revoked the licenses of some companies that have already obtained licenses. Reports said that Intel’s previous licenses have been revoked.

Reuters reported that the Semiconductor Industry Association seems to have received the relevant news, and the mail issued by the US Department of Commerce to some industry members was obtained by Reuters.

According to the email, the US Department of Commerce intends to reject a large number of license applications for exporting products or resources to Huawei, and at the same time revoke at least one previously issued license.

The report also said that four companies, including flash storage, had a total of eight licenses revoked. These companies were previously Huawei’s important parts of suppliers.

More specifically, Reuters said the revoked license also involves Intel, which previously obtained a license to supply products such as processors to Huawei.

If the license is revoked, it means that the cooperation between Intel and Huawei will be interrupted immediately, unless Intel can re-obtain an export license after the new president takes office.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether these orders and measures signed by Trump are effective. After all, Joe Biden has already said many new policies that will reverse Trump.