Windows 10X version has support Win32 software

Last week we mentioned that the Windows 10X emulator image leaked. Some developers used the emulator image to make a normal image and successfully deployed it on a physical machine.

The overall style of the Windows 10X version is more modern. It can be said that it is a truly modern operating system. Unfortunately, the limitations of this version make it impossible for us to use it.

The limitation here refers to that traditional desktop software is not supported. The Windows 10X version only supports UWP applications in the Microsoft Store and web-based PWA applications.

Initially, Microsoft planned to provide a virtual container for Windows 10X to run desktop software, but later because of various problems, Microsoft positioned the version for a complete revision.

Originally this version was geared towards high-end dual-screen or foldable devices, and now it is geared towards low-end educational devices, so the treatment in terms of development support is obviously not as good as before.

Later, the container was canceled and the desktop software could not run smoothly, so the Windows 10X version is like a copy of Windows RT. The probability of success is really limited.

What’s interesting is that windowslatest seem to find from the leaked Windows 10X image that Microsoft may also support traditional desktop software, because Win32-related words appear in the developer mode.

That is, the user can open the development mode and side-load the local installation package, and the Win32 option here seems to mean that the user can also side-load the traditional desktop software. Of course, this does not mean that users can run desktop software after the release of this version.