Microsoft began testing a smoother rounded corner style in Windows 10++ Start menu

We have already introduced a lot of content to Microsoft’s Sun Valley project, and now Microsoft is providing more improvements to Windows 10 based on the Sun Valley project.

Sun Valley is a new Microsoft project aimed at reshaping the Windows 10 user experience. What’s interesting is that this project is also called Windows 10++ within Microsoft.

Probably Microsoft engineers think that the Sun Valley project is equivalent to an enhanced version, so the code name of Windows 10++ is quite interesting.

In the latest Windows 10++ preview version, the media found that Microsoft is testing the Windows 10 Start menu through some experimental options. The new start menu uses rounded corners.

Overall, the biggest difference between the rounded-corner style start menu and the subtle style version is that it looks round and smooth, not as sharp as the subtle menu.

This new experimental option is called “RoundedWindowCornersPrototype”, and more beta users may be able to experience the new version later.

And this rounded corner design will not only be used in the Start menu. According to previous estimates, all modern areas of Windows 10 will be replaced with rounded corners.

For example, the Start menu, mail application, Action Center, and Settings, etc. Microsoft’s own applications such as Microsoft Teams will also follow the new design of Windows 10.

Via: windowslatest