Intel’s new CEO: CPU must be better than Apple at making CPUs

Earlier, we have mentioned that Intel’s board of directors announced that Pat Gelsinger became the company’s new CEO and that the original CEO Bob Swan left Intel.

Intel is not a strange company to Pat Gelsinger, because Pat worked at Intel for 30 years and was Intel’s first chief technology officer.

After leaving Intel, Pat Gelsinger served as the chief executive officer of virtualization software developer Vmware and is now about to return to the familiar Intel.

Although he will not officially take office until next month, Pat, who is full of enthusiasm for fighting, has already held a staff meeting and delivered a speech at the Intel branch in Oregon, USA.

After Apple announced the launch of its self-developed M1 chip, it was a blow to Intel. This is not only that Apple will abandon Intel chips but directly declare war on the x86 architecture.

Pat Gelsinger said at the staff meeting that Intel must launch better products than a lifestyle company in Cupertino in terms of the PC ecosystem.

Although Pat Gelsinger did not specify who this lifestyle company is, it is clearly Apple. Pat emphasized that Intel must become better in the future.

This also shows that for the new CEO, Apple’s self-developed chips are a huge challenge for Intel, and may even subvert Intel in the future.

Although Apple will continue to launch products equipped with Intel processors, in the next few years Apple will complete the transition to fully self-developed ARM chips.

Via: theverge