Intel officially announces Pat Gelsinger as its new chief executive officer

There have been rumors that Intel Chief Executive Officer Bob Swan will step down, and now Intel officially announced the news and announced the new CEO. The new CEO is Pat Gelsinger. It is worth noting that Pat Gelsinger is also Intel’s first chief technology officer.

Intel today announced that its board of directors has appointed 40-year technology industry leader Pat Gelsinger as its new chief executive officer, effective February 15, 2021,” the company said in a statement. “He will succeed Bob Swan.”

Therefore, for Pat Gelsinger, joining Intel this time can be said to be a return to Intel. The Intel board of directors hopes Pat Gelsinger will lead Intel to set sail again.

Intel’s time under Bob Swan’s leadership cannot be said to be too bad. After all, the toothpaste squeezing is Intel’s long-standing problem and not directly caused by Bob Swan.

But Bob Swan did not change, which also led to the activist investment institution that has invested heavily in Intel stock to directly pressure Intel’s board of directors. This investment organization requires Intel to immediately evaluate changes, and even switch to chip outsourcing.

At present, the top companies in the chip industry have entered the 5nm/7nm/8nm process, and only Intel is currently struggling to advance to the 10nm process.

Investors hope that Intel’s board of directors can re-recruit leaders who can revive Intel, and Pat, the first chief technology officer, is the choice of Intel’s board.

Pat Kissinger was Intel’s first chief technology officer, but Pat had left Intel and joined EMC as the CEO of VMware. Pat has extensive experience in information storage, data calculation, backup and recovery, security, and enterprise solutions, and is indeed Intel’s best choice.

In fact, Pat had been with Intel for thirty years when he left Intel, so joining Intel as CEO this time is also Pat’s return.

Intel’s board of directors also highly praised Bob Swan’s contribution to Intel. After all, Intel’s board of directors also knew that the current dilemma was not caused by Bob Swan.