Microsoft brings anti-theft measures to Windows 10X

In 2015, Microsoft provided a new anti-theft function for Windows Phone series devices, if you want to reset the system and use it again, you must pass a password verification.

Although the system and related equipment are currently cold, no one thought that Microsoft would pull this anti-theft function back into Windows 10X.

To be precise, it is on the Windows 10X version. According to mspoweruser reports, Microsoft has added anti-theft protection similar to the Windows Phone era in the Windows 10X system.

This function is used to help users improve the security of the device. If the device is lost, others cannot reset the device or reinstall the system to bypass the password and use it directly.

According to the function provided by Microsoft, this function is mainly used for anti-theft purposes, to prevent the device from being picked up by others and resetting the device, and then using it yourself.

Microsoft uses the words “resetting device” and “re-using” device in the description and does not directly state whether it can be cracked if someone reinstalls the system.

In other words, whether you want to reset the device or reinstall the system, you must go through the bound Microsoft account password verification, otherwise, the device cannot be used normally.

Although Microsoft didn’t mention the issue of reinstalling the system, think about it if it can be cracked by reinstalling the system, wouldn’t it be too tasteless, so this feature should be support for reinstalling system protection. When the user wants to reinstall the system or reset the system, he can pass the account PIN code or password verification.