The refurbished Steam Deck program has now been made official

In the realm of devices such as laptops and smartphones, official refurbished products are a common occurrence. According to a report by PCGamer, Valve has recently begun offering refurbished versions of the Steam Deck as well.

Valve articulates on its official page that each certified refurbished Steam Deck undergoes thorough and rigorous testing, identical to that of new retail units. Each device is subject to a comprehensive factory reset, software updates, and meticulous inspection through more than 100 tests. Areas scrutinized include all inputs, audio systems, the display, and internal components. The battery’s health is also assessed to ensure proper functioning and a reasonable lifespan.

Furthermore, these Steam Decks come with the same one-year warranty as brand-new units, including refurbished power sources, a carrying case, and a quick-start guide. In essence, aside from minor blemishes or scratches on the plastic casing, the difference between the official refurbished Steam Deck and a new unit is negligible.

Price-wise, the 64GB version is available for $319, the 256GB version for $419, and the 512GB version for $519, significantly cheaper than the brand-new counterparts, especially the 512GB version, which is $130 less in the refurbished edition. For players constrained by budget and not overly fastidious, the allure of the refurbished version is indeed substantial.

However, akin to other devices’ official refurbished editions, the Steam Deck’s refurbished versions are available in limited quantities, after all, they are culled from players’ returned units. At present, although Valve has disclosed the official page, the devices remain out of stock, with no available purchasing links. If you are intrigued, you must seize the opportunity to place an order as soon as they become available.