Core i5-14600K specs confirmed

In truth, information regarding the specifications of Intel’s 14th generation Core processor, Raptor Lake Refresh, has been leaked for some time, although much of the information remained unconfirmed rumors. However, @9550pro recently released screenshots of the Core i5-14600K processor, allowing us to definitively ascertain the specifications of this processor.

The screenshots released, displaying both CPU-Z and Core Temp, reveal that the processor’s codename is Raptor Lake, and the software correctly identifies the model as Core i5-14600K. It possesses six P-Cores and eight E-Cores, and the core count has not increased, aligning with the specifications previously provided by Benchlife.

One deviation lies in the CPU-Z software’s identification of the Core i5-14600K’s maximum turbo frequency as 5.5GHz, whereas previous revelations indicated a maximum turbo frequency of 5.3GHz. This discrepancy could be attributed to a software recognition error, particularly since this is still an Engineering Sample (ES) processor, and recognition errors are not uncommon. In actuality, the processor’s operating frequency in the screenshot is also 5.3GHz. However, it is conceivable that the user may have overclocked the processor, as this is a K-series processor, and a slight frequency adjustment would be normal.

The accompanying motherboard is Gigabyte’s Z790 GAMING X AX, utilizing the F5 version of the BIOS from June of this year. This suggests that Raptor Lake Refresh may have been completed prior to that time, given that it’s merely a matter of adjusting the name. It is anticipated that Intel will unveil the 14th generation K-series processors at the Innovation 2023 event this September, with sales commencing one month thereafter.