The internal dessert code name for Android 15 has been revealed: “Vanilla Ice Cream”

In 2019, Google announced that it would no longer use dessert names for its Android operating system, opting instead for a simple Android + number version name, such as the newly launched Android 10, which theoretically did not have a dessert name.

The decision to remove dessert names was primarily aimed at simplifying Android versions, as most users find it difficult to distinguish between names like nougat, lollipop, and Oreo. Therefore, it was decided to remove these names.

However, it should be noted that Android versions still have these dessert names, but they are mainly used internally by Google and are not used in official materials.

Android 11 picture-in-picture

The internal name for Android 10 was Quince Tart, for Android 11 it was Red Velvet Cake, for Android 12 it was Snow Cone, for Android 13 it was Tiramisu, and for Android 14, which is still in testing and has not been officially released, may have the internal name Upside Down Cake.

While Google will no longer create dessert sculptures for each new Android version, the internal names for each version will continue to be dessert names, with each name starting with a different letter of the alphabet in alphabetical order.

The internal name for Android 15, set to launch in 2024, has reportedly been revealed as Vanilla ice cream and, as with previous versions, the first letter of the name will follow the alphabetical order. This means that in five years when Android 19 is launched, the name will start with the letter “Z”, and the cycle will start again with Android 20 starting with the letter “A”.

The internal name for Android 15 was discovered by Twitter user @Mishaal Rahman and appeared in AOSP, indicating that it is likely to be accurate.