Windows 11 may support AI-powered desktop background effects

Currently, Microsoft’s primary improvement to the Windows 11 desktop is focused on desktop backgrounds. For example, with the spotlight wallpaper function enabled, the system will retrieve the daily theme wallpaper from Bing search, allowing users to automatically change wallpapers every day without the need for third-party software.

At the same time, Windows 11 now supports adding desktop stickers that can be customized, such as hand-drawn patterns that can be affixed to the desktop.

In the Windows 11 Dev Build 25309 version released this week, newly added code seems to indicate that Microsoft is preparing to use AI technology for wallpapers, providing features such as depth effects, parallax backgrounds, and motion wallpapers.

However, this feature is currently unavailable, and Microsoft has only added relevant strings in the code, so it will likely take some time to complete development.

It is worth noting that in the string, Microsoft emphasizes the use of AI to add depth effects to background images if available.

It is not yet known what drives this AI or whether it requires a dedicated neural network processor. If so, only Qualcomm ARM processors are likely to be supported, and traditional Intel/AMD x86 processors will not be supported.

Via: Neowin