The foldable iPhone will look like the Galaxy Z Flip and support Apple Pencil

After Samsung and Huawei successively launched folding screen mobile phones, mass consumers’ acceptance of such new things has gradually increased, but it seems that many people are more concerned about Apple, which is developing folding screen mobile phones.

Recently broke the news that Apple is indeed developing a folding screen iPhone. Unlike the third-party concept maps that most people have seen before, Apple’s first foldable iPhone will look similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip for the female market.

In addition, Apple’s foldable iPhone will provide more body colors than traditional iPhones. This move may be Apple’s desire to attract the attention of the fashion industry, so as to achieve a leading role for mass consumers from top to bottom.

Market research company EqualOcean said that the foldable iPhone will be equipped with a more flexible OLED display with a size of approximately 7.3-7.6 inches, and will support the stylus function, which is Apple Pencil.

If the foldable iPhone will also support stylus pens, Apple may be equipped with a small stylus pen just like Samsung’s S21 Ultra, instead of using the Apple Pencil directly.

According to previous news, Google, OPPO, and Xiaomi will also release their first folding-screen phones this year.

Via: mspoweruser