Huawei may enter the game console market to compete with PlayStation/Xbox

Huawei has been developing at an ultra-high-speed in the past few years, and civilian products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, thin and light notebook computers, and TVs have all occupied a place in their respective fields.

However, the Huawei brand has not really entered the game market. It only released the Android-based game console TRON at the 2014 CES exhibition.

Recently, it has been reported that Huawei is planning to enter the game console field and has made a very complete business path planning. Huawei will first launch a gaming notebook, and then Huawei will launch a gaming console.

Although the Windows operating system is a good choice, and there is already a complete game ecosystem, Huawei is likely to avoid the risk of being sanctioned in the future and not being able to continue to use Windows. The other option would be a Linux-based OS. The host will be equipped with an open-source Linux operating system.

Although the game ecology of the Linux operating system has developed very well in recent years, its game ecology is still far from being able to match the fast-developing Windows game ecology. Therefore, Huawei’s game consoles are likely to face the dilemma of insufficient games. Unless you give developers and development companies a material incentive to get the game.

From the perspective of Huawei’s business plan, Huawei will compete head-to-head with PlayStation and Xbox in the game field in the future, and will simultaneously fight with gaming notebook manufacturers such as Lenovo and HP. This is obviously not a simple thing.

Via: huaweicentral