Google becomes a visionary sponsor of the Python Software Foundation

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) announced that Google has become the highest-level sponsor of PSF: Visionary Sponsor. The PSF sponsor page shows that Google is the first company to become a Visionary Sponsor. Google has been a sponsor of PSF since 2010.

According to reports, PSF’s sponsor levels include Visionary Sponsor, Sustainability Sponsor, Maintaining Sponsor, Contributing Sponsor, Supporting Sponsor, Partner Sponsor, Participating Sponsor, and Associate Sponsor, among which, becoming a Visionary Sponsor requires the sponsorship of $150,000 to the foundation.
In addition to funding sponsorship requirements, becoming a Visionary Sponsor means that Google not only uses Python for internal development but also uses Python as an important part of the products they provide to customers.

PSF stated that the funds sponsored by Google will be used to support many of the foundation’s programs, including funding for CPython development, such as providing compensation to the first CPython resident developer. In addition, the sponsorship funds will also be used for key supply chain security improvements, including the development of productized malware detection for PyPI, the prototype of the dynamic analysis infrastructure for distribution, and the improvement of other basic tools.