The first exposure of real Intel LGA 1700 socket pictures

Yesterday Igor’sLAB just leaked detailed data about the LGA 1700 socket and the installation of the heat sink, let us have a deeper understanding of the specific changes in the data reflected in the LGA 1700 socket compared to the previous LGA 15xx/1200 socket. Maybe these detailed specifications are not enough for perceptual understanding, but today the physical photos of the LGA 1700 socket have been exposed.

At present, on a shopping website, some merchants are already selling LGA 1700 sockets, and the socket cover is the same as the style with the word LGA-18XX exposed a few days ago. The price currently displayed is 88 yuan ($13.63). This product provided by the merchant is very complete, including the entire installation fastener, generally used to replace the motherboard socket when it is broken. If you are not a professional, ordinary users will not buy such a product, and will not usually get in touch with it.
If you compare it with the previously leaked specification drawing, all aspects match up. This should be the first physical photo of the LGA 1700 socket used by the Intel Alder Lake-S processor, and the subsequent Raptor Lake-S will continue to use the LGA 1700 socket.