TEAMGROUP ELITE DDR5 memory is listed on U.S. e-commerce

Although it is said that DDR5 memory will not be available until Intel releases Alder Lake processors and new platforms, memory manufacturers can no longer sit still. Team Group puts its own ELITE DDR5-4800 memory on Amazon and Newegg.

Now, there is no platform to support this set of memory now, however, both e-commerce companies have taken it off the shelves. Team Group ELITE DDR5-4800 16GB*2 set is priced at $310.99 on Amazon, which is much lower than the original suggested retail price of $399.99. If you want to use DDR5 memory, you have to wait for Intel 12th generation Core processor Alder Lake and the supporting 600 series motherboard to come.

This TEAMGROUP ELITE DDR5-4800 16GB*2 memory kit has a working voltage of 1.1V and a timing sequence of CL40-40-40-77, which fully complies with the standard specifications set by the JEDEC Association. Team Group said that this memory kit can be used on the upcoming Intel 600 series motherboards, which can ensure good compatibility. Compared with the previous DDR4 memory, the frequency of DDR5-4800 memory is increased by 50%, and the operating voltage is lower and more power-saving.