The decentralized community service “Bluesky” created by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is open for invite-only users

Former Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey, who left after being acquired by Elon Musk on Twitter, has announced the launch of a decentralized community service called “Bluesky” using an open-source Authenticated Transfer Protocol (ATP).

“Bluesky” was first conceived in 2019 and adopts a similar operating model to Twitter, but emphasizes decentralization achieved through Authenticated Transfer Protocol. It is currently available for download on the Apple App Store, but registration is only available through an invitation-based application, and an Android version has not yet been released.

Similar to Mastodon, a decentralized community network, “Bluesky” can quickly transfer its operating model to different operating providers’ systems, and user data can also be quickly transferred without relying on a single platform and being restricted by specific operators.

As for the user experience, “Bluesky” has basic functions such as a homepage and search, as well as a content timeline design, and users can quickly search for trending topics through a tag system. Users can also like, reply, or repost specific content, and mute or block specific users. The interface is also closer to Twitter’s usage model.

In addition to “Bluesky,” Tapbots, the developer of Tweetbot, a service created using the Twitter API, has recently launched a new centralized network community service called “Ivory,” based on the Mastodon community network and aiming to provide community network services that are no longer limited to specific operators.