September 27, 2020

“Setup for Amazon Alexa” is a fake Amazon Alexa Setup app on Apple Store

1 min read

Recently, security experts found a malicious app called “Setup for Amazon Alexa” on the App Store. It ranked sixth in the tool list and ranked 60th in all free apps. It is not clear what the app’s true intentions are, but obviously, this is not officially produced by Amazon.

Image: 9to5mac

The app, called “Setup for Amazon Alexa”, was developed by One World Software and will ask you to supply your IP address alongside the device serial number and a ‘name’. If your serial number and IP address are compromised, it may eventually lead to malicious interference from third parties.  One World Software has two other questionable apps on the store as well  — “Marketplace – Buy/Sell”, with nearly identical colours to Facebook, and “Any Font for Instagram” for $0.99.

Via: 9to5mac