Say Goodbye to RAM Limits: 128GB Boards, 64GB Sticks – Game On!

At the dawn of this year, major motherboard manufacturers announced their support for single-slot DDR5 memory modules with capacities of 24GB and 48GB, compatible with Intel’s 700 and 600 series motherboards. Shortly thereafter, they introduced BIOS version AGESA for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPU platform, incorporating this functionality.

Recently, MSI and ASRock declared that their motherboards would now accommodate single-slot memory modules up to 64GB. This implies that motherboards with four DIMM slots can reach a staggering 256GB of maximum memory capacity, while those with two slots can support up to 128GB.

An image released by MSI reveals that their test platform comprised an AMD Ryzen 9 7900X processor paired with an MSI X670-P WIFI motherboard, using Kingston memory modules with Micron chips. MSI highlighted that this extraordinary milestone was achieved using Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 memory, leveraging Micron’s industry-leading 1-beta technology to attain a 64GB capacity per module, ushering in unprecedented memory capacities for PCs. Notably, CPU-Z indicated that this memory supports EXPO and XMP 3.0 for DDR5-6000, yet operated at a frequency of 4800MHz with a latency of CL36.

ASRock’s test platform, on the other hand, utilized an Intel Core i5-14600K processor and their own Z790 NOVA WIFI motherboard, also equipped with Kingston memory featuring Micron chips. However, the memory frequency displayed on CPU-Z for ASRock’s platform was slightly lower than MSI’s AMD platform, at 4400MHz, with the same latency of CL36.

Currently, most of the AMD 600 series motherboards from various brands support up to BIOS version AGESA, but there’s no mention of 64GB single-slot memory support, the same being true for Intel motherboards. Traditionally, such functionalities require a BIOS update to the corresponding version. Interestingly, although the latest Beta BIOS from ASUS based on AGESA did not specify this feature, Maxsun’s recently launched MS-Challenger B650M WiFi motherboard has already been advertised to support up to 128GB capacity and over 5200MHz+ OC frequency.