Team Group launches T-FORCE VULCAN ECO DDR5 memory

Team Group has unveiled the T-FORCE VULCAN ECO DDR5 memory, a product that stands apart from conventional memory offerings. This new iteration embraces environmental consciousness, featuring heat spreaders crafted from recycled aluminum, rightfully earning the moniker “green memory.” Team Group’s commitment to ecological responsibility is further underscored by the global acclaim for their C175 ECO Net Zero USB drive, launched in alignment with World Environment Day themes. This endeavor represents the company’s ongoing dedication to developing eco-friendly products and upholding a sustainable business ethos.

The design of the T-FORCE VULCAN ECO DDR5 memory continues the minimalist aesthetic of its predecessors, characterized by expansive, light-reflective, streamlined forms and multi-angled lines that sketch the memory’s overall visual appeal. The silver-gray hue of the recycled aluminum material lends this DDR5 memory a distinctive style. It also supports AMD EXPO and Intel XMP3.0 one-click overclocking technologies, is equipped with a power management chip, and features an On-die ECC error-correcting mechanism. Team Group’s proprietary IC grading verification technology ensures the product’s compatibility and durability.

According to Team Group, for every 10,000 T-FORCE VULCAN ECO DDR5 heat spreaders made from recycled aluminum, there is a 73% reduction in carbon emissions, equivalent to a decrease of 1,665 kilograms of carbon emissions. This is comparable to saving about 550,000 paper tissues, 310,000 plastic straws, 30,000 plastic bags, and 10,000 plastic bottles. Moreover, the use of FSC-certified eco-friendly packaging for these products demonstrates Team Group’s tangible contribution towards reducing electronic waste and resource wastage, from the product itself to its packaging.