Pixel Diagnostic: Google Empowers Pixel Repairs with Privacy & Tools

Google recently announced the integration of a repair mode feature in its Pixel series smartphones, aimed at safeguarding personal privacy during device servicing. This move is complemented by the launch of a diagnostic tool named ‘Pixel Diagnostic,’ along with repair manuals available in English and French, thereby facilitating easier maintenance of Pixel devices.

The addition of diagnostic capabilities and repair manuals to Pixel phones marks a significant enhancement in the realm of self-repair rights. This initiative, aligned with Google’s ethos of technological innovation, new product development, and trendsetting, empowers users and strengthens their autonomy in device maintenance.

Pixel Diagnostic

Pixel Diagnostic enables users to independently assess their Pixel smartphones for potential issues or to verify normal functionality post-repair. By dialing “*#*#7287#*#*” in the phone app while connected to the internet, users can activate this diagnostic feature.

For those inclined towards DIY repairs, the newly released repair manuals in English and French offer comprehensive guidance. These manuals provide detailed instructions on disassembling and repairing Pixel devices, making self-repair more accessible and manageable for users.

Furthermore, Google has collaborated with independent repair providers like uBreakiFix, extending Pixel smartphone repair services to over 700 locations across the United States. This service is available even for devices beyond their warranty period. Additionally, in partnership with Shyft Global Services, Google has launched repair fixtures and tools to enhance the convenience of phone repairs. This initiative is further bolstered by a collaboration with iFixit, providing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair parts.