San Francisco International Airport discloses data breach

Recently, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) revealed that hackers managed to destroy two websites related to San Francisco International Airport in March 2020.

The two low-traffic websites and were hacked. These two sites provide visitors with various information related to SFO, such as the new coronavirus crisis, airport operations, airport construction contracts and similar information.

19-year-old hacker

In March 2020, cybercriminals locked the above two websites and injected malicious code with the aim of stealing visitors’ login credentials.

San Francisco Airport announced in the violation notice:

“The attackers inserted malicious computer code on these websites to steal some users’ login credentials. Users possibly impacted by this attack include those accessing these websites from outside the airport network through Internet Explorer on a Windows-based personal device or a device not maintained by SFO.”

It is reported that the two affected websites are offline and the malicious code has been deleted. In addition, all emails and network passwords related to SFO have been reset on March 23.

Today, attackers are well aware that users tend to reuse passwords on different websites, so attackers try to use them to log in to more valuable websites, such as banking applications, by obtaining credentials collected from other websites. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that people are aware of the dangers of reusing passwords across multiple websites and that people should enable multi-factor authentication.