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RedHunt Labs Exposes Critical Data Breach at Mercedes-Benz

Automotive giant Mercedes-Benz narrowly avoided a significant leak of confidential internal data. Cybersecurity firm RedHunt Labs discovered that a Mercedes employee had inadvertently left a developer key publicly accessible online, offering unrestricted access to...

Trezor data breach

Data Breach Hits Trezor: 66,000 Users’ Emails Exposed

Trezor, a developer of hardware wallets for cryptocurrency, has reported a data breach. The attack occurred on January 17, 2024, when malefactors gained unauthorized access to a third-party technical support portal. While the investigation...

Marriott Starwood Hotel Data Breach

Data breach at P&N Bank in Australia

P&N Bank, the largest bank in Western Australia, suffered a cyberattack, a data breach occurred, and personal information and sensitive account information in its customer relationship management system were exposed. The information exposed includes...