Samsung Developer Conference 2023 will start on October 5th

Samsung recently confirmed that its annual Samsung Developer Conference 2023 (SDC 2023) will be hosted at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on October 5th, Pacific Time. The focal points of this conference are anticipated to encompass the latest version of OneUI, SmartThings, and advancements in Knox security technology.

Coincidentally, this is the day following Google’s unveiling of the new Pixel series in New York on October 4th.

Throughout SDC 2023, Samsung is projected to announce the refined OneUI interface and will prominently highlight developments in the SmartThings application. Moreover, it will introduce enhancements in the Knox security technology and the evolution of the Bixby digital assistant service.

Furthermore, Samsung might reveal updates tailored to the user interface of foldable-screen phones, perhaps shedding light on the future trajectory of applications for these malleable displays.