Report: Atlanta, Orlando, and Denver are the most malware-infected cities in the US

According to data released today by SigHunter 5 anti-malware software manufacturer EnigmaSoft, the highest malware infection rates in major US cities in the first half of the year were in Orlando and Denver. The EnigmaSoft research team reviewed US SpyHunter infection data for the first six months of 2018. Their compiled data shows that computers in Atlanta, Orlando, and Denver are the most susceptible to infection.

malware-infected cities

EnigmaSoft also studied infections in the states. These results indicate that the most affected states are Colorado, New Hampshire, and Virginia. Researchers say “It’s hard to say exactly why one city or state has a higher rate of infection than others. There’s a wide variety at the top of the list. Larger cities, smaller cities, and cities in every geographic area. The same is true for the least infected areas. New York and San Francisco ranked near the very bottom of the list.”

The week with the most infections in the first half of 2018 was also studied. The infection rate was highest on Wednesday and the lowest on Sunday. The range of infections detected on US computers includes programs or nuisance software that EnigmaSoft identifies as potentially unwanted, up to ransomware, which may delete valuable documents unless the victim pays a ransom.

According to EnigmaSoft, users need to back up their data on a regular basis. Ideally, users should have physical backups (external drives connected to the computer) and cloud-based backups. Either way, set your computer to back up your files automatically and frequently.