Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

IBM demonstrates AI-Powered targeted and evasive malware

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I believe many people think that artificial intelligence will completely change our daily life. Of course, the change here mainly refers to the beneficial advantages of artificial intelligence.

For example, Microsoft used machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify new malware in minutes and began intercepting the virus globally within ten minutes.

Nowadays, more and more anti-virus software has begun to integrate artificial intelligence technology to analyze malware. This is the innovation that artificial intelligence brings to technology.

However, malware can also use artificial intelligence: DeepLocker

IBM security researchers believe that the benefits of artificial intelligence technology can also be exploited maliciously, such as the development of highly targeted and evasive malware.

To this end, IBM researchers have developed attack software driven by artificial intelligence technology that automatically affects its aggression and destructiveness as it propagates.


Image: securityintelligence

Until a particular point in time when the attack software reaches a particular victim’s computer, it begins to do more damage such as collecting information or stealing confidential information.


Use artificial intelligence to detect and monitor specific targets:

How to hide and distinguish the target before launching the attack is naturally a problem, and IBM researchers used multiple techniques to track particular targets in the demo.

The content of the monitoring includes the use of speech recognition technology, facial recognition technology, geographic location and other indicators to determine whether the current user is a specific target.

If not then continue to hide while circumventing anti-virus software while continuing to spread until a specific target is identified and then an attack begins, and then a particular offense is launched.

Any new technology can eventually be exploited maliciously, and artificial intelligence technology is no exception, so the concept proposed by IBM is advanced but also very realistic.

There is currently no news about artificial intelligence-driven malware, but I believe there will be some malware.

How to detect artificial intelligence virus is also a test for anti-virus software, and artificial intelligence virus is also a novel research direction for researchers.

Via: thehackernews