Razer launches multiple new products at RazerCon 2021

Razer released a number of new high-performance DIY accessories, including hydraulic bearing Razer Kunai case fan, Razer Hanbo integrated water cooling radiator, Razer Katana power supply, and Razer PWM Fan Controller.

Razer Kunai is a high-performance chassis fan that uses high-specification hydraulic bearing technology to effectively enhance the airflow in the case. Razer Kunai are available in 120mm and 140mm specifications and is equipped with circular LED lamp beads on the outer ring, allowing users to create dazzling RGB lighting effects.

The Razer Hanbo integrated water-cooled radiator is a product jointly built by Razer and Asetek. It is divided into two specifications: 240mm and 360mm. The water cycle has been optimized for design, in addition to more efficient heat dissipation performance, it is also more durable, and it runs quieter. In addition to the ARGB fan, the water block will also have RGB lighting effects. Razer expressed the hope that the cooperation with Asetek can bring a different integrated water cooling technology to the market.

Razer Katana is an ATX full-module power supply designed to meet the high load requirements of gamers on CPU/GPU and provide sufficient stability. In the power supply, a built-in ARGB fan that supports Zero RPM quiet mode, compatible with Razer Chroma RGB magic light effect. This power supply provides a variety of specifications from 750W to 1600W, among which 750W to 1200W has obtained platinum certification, and the flagship 1600W product has also obtained titanium-gold certification.

In addition, there is also a Razer PWM fan controller. This is the pulse width modulation (PWM) controller of the new case fan. Razer said that users can customize the speed curve in Razer Synapse to better control the temperature and provide higher heat dissipation efficiency.