MSI provides CPU Force 2 for MEG series Z690 motherboards, Z690 UNIFY/UNIFY-X rendering leaked

All major motherboards have prepared a series of Z690 motherboards, which will be launched on the market with the release of the 12th generation Core series processors by Intel. According to the previously leaked Z690 motherboard list, the mainboard brands add up to nearly a hundred products. The number of Z690 motherboard models that MSI will launch is among the top three, and its official has shown three Z690 motherboards, which belong to the MEG, MPG, and MAG series.

During the Z490 motherboard period of the MEG series, MSI introduced Memory Force, which is its latest dedicated memory overclocking function. According to the Wccftech report, MSI will provide the new CPU Force 2 for the MEG series of Z690 motherboards, specifically for CPU work, similar to Memory Force

Users of MEG series Z690 motherboards can combine CPU Force 2 and Memory Force to find the best overclocking configuration for their Intel Alder Lake processors and DDR5 memory. CPU Force 2 is not an automatic overclocking tool. It will display a score based on the CPU’s overclocking preset, indicating whether the corresponding overclocking adjustment is good or bad.

In addition, according to VideoCardz reports, the rendering of MSI Z690 UNIFY/UNIFY-X has been leaked. From the picture, the difference between the two is only in the configuration number of memory slots. In fact, when MSI officially answered questions about DDR5 memory before, the picture of the article was the Z690 UNIFY motherboard.

The Z690 chipset, launched with the 12th-generation Core series processors, will provide 28 PCIe channels in addition to supporting the new LGA 1700 socket, including 12 PCIe Gen4 lanes and 16 PCIe Gen3 lanes, the DMI bus is also upgraded from DMI 3.0 x8 of the Z590 chipset to DMI 4.0 x8. The technology upgrade makes the Z690 chipset larger than the Z590 chipset. The previously leaked photos show that the chip is rectangular.