Nokia announces strategic cooperation with Google Cloud

Finnish network equipment manufacturer Nokia announced a few days ago that it has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Google Cloud, and its infrastructure has been migrated to the Google Cloud computing platform.

In the early stage of Google’s cloud computing business, too much emphasis on technology has led to slow business development, so its market share is far lower than Amazon cloud computing and Microsoft cloud computing.

However, after the change of department heads, Google Cloud is currently struggling to catch up with the gap between Amazon and Microsoft. This time, the Nokia order is also worthy of Google Cloud.

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As a network equipment manufacturing giant, why Nokia chose Google Cloud? The company did not disclose, but Nokia revealed why the company fully migrated its cloud platform.

And Nokia’s reason should also be the reason why most companies choose cloud computing, that is, the traditional self-built data center replacement and maintenance are too troublesome.

Nokia has accumulated a large number of servers and data centers through acquisitions and leases over the years, but Nokia needs its own component dedicated department to maintain servers.

The company’s vice president of global IT infrastructure said that every few years you must invest in upgrading this hardware, otherwise, the hardware performance will not meet business needs.

This cyclical upgrade and maintenance not only requires a lot of investment but also requires a large number of facilities teams to maintain these data centers at all times.

Nokia said that now they can break this cycle, Nokia only needs to migrate the business to a public cloud computing platform to save the maintenance steps.

At the same time, different hardware platforms can be selected according to business needs. As for the hardware platform maintenance and upgrades, the public cloud computing platform will complete without the user’s worry.