October 24, 2020

Chrome and Edge browsers add scrollable tab strips feature

2 min read

Both Google Chrome and Microsoft browser have brought tab scrolling function, which is designed and developed by Google to solve the problem of users opening too many tabs.

When we open a large number of tabs, the browser window may not be fully displayed. At this time, these tabs can be quickly scrolled through the mouse wheel. At present, both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser have brought this experimental option in the Canary Edition.

When we open too many tabs, the mouse switch will be very inconvenient, because each tab occupies very little space and it is easy to close by accident.

The efficiency may be lower when switching through the shortcut key combination CTRL+TAB. After all, you need to switch to each tab according to the tab order and then find the corresponding page.

Another situation is that if the device resolution is relatively low, the top can carry fewer tabs, and other tabs will be hidden behind.

So Google developed this scrolling tab function to quickly switch with the mouse wheel. When a large number of tabs are opened, the mouse can be scrolled and quickly switched by placing the mouse on the top bar.

Interested users can go to chrome://flags/#scrollable-tabstrip and change the default option to enable and restart the browser as prompted to experience it.

To enable it in Edge Canary, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Add Edge shortcut to the desktop and open Properties.
  2. Add the following command after ms edge.exe in the target field: -enable-features=ScrollableTabStrip

Via: windowslatest