October 25, 2020

Microsoft brings a saved password modification function to Edge browser

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The built-in password manager of Google Chrome is still very convenient. When we fill in the account password on the website, the browser will automatically save it and fill it next time.

At the same time, these account passwords also support synchronization to the Google server to realize cross-platform data sharing, but it is not convenient that the saved account passwords cannot be modified.

Therefore, when we modify some passwords, we need to manually use the new password when filling in the website, and then update the password through the Google Chrome password manager.

So Google Chrome has brought a password modification function in the recent update, you can directly modify the stored password in the password manager.

Edge for Linux

The Edge Canary version released by Microsoft has brought the password modification function, of course, this function is currently only supported in the Microsoft Edge Canary version.

You can use this function directly after upgrading to the latest version of the Edge Canary beta, but like Google Chrome, you can only modify the password but not the corresponding account.

After the password is changed, it will also be synchronized to the Microsoft server for cross-platform sharing. According to the current development progress, it may take two months for this feature to reach the stable version.