October 25, 2020

Microsoft explained why Windows 10 has pushed inappropriate drivers

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Earlier, Microsoft pushed drivers for some users through the Windows 10 system update module. These drivers are all optional drivers.

However, some users found out that there was a driver in which the release date is set to 1968 in their optional update. Obviously, this date is abnormal, so some users do not want to install it.

There are also users who try to install and find that it can be installed successfully and the system does not seem to have any problems. Can such optional drivers with confusing dates be installed?

Windows 10 inappropriate drivers

In response to the media consultation, Microsoft recently issued a response stating that the system normally reads information such as the release date through the .INF installation file attached to the driver.

In most cases, the information attached to the .INF installation file is the creation date of the driver, but sometimes “there are some cases when the date is intentionally backdated by the manufacturer.

Of course, Microsoft also understands the current problems encountered by users and the confusion they may bring, and the company will optimize the user interface to prevent these problems in the future.

Via: windowslatest