October 24, 2020

Microsoft is about to launch Windows 10 20H2 RTM

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The October 2020 update that Microsoft prepared for Windows 10 is now basically completed. Of course, as you know, this version only brings a few new features for small updates.

Despite this, Microsoft is still preparing to launch this autumn version according to the original process, including preparing back-end servers, media creation tools, etc. After the preparation is complete, Microsoft can push it to all users.

It is rumored that Microsoft has completed the signing of the Windows 10 20H2 RTM version, but because of some problems, Microsoft did not push it to users this week.

However, Microsoft has released some supporting documents and instructions for this version on the support website in advance. Of course, the supporting documents are also content that Microsoft needs to prepare in advance.

new Start Menu Windows 10

These signs indicate that Microsoft has basically completed the preparations for the release of the new version, so if there are no surprises, Microsoft may push the new version to users next week.

At the same time, some current users have also seen the new version prompt in the system update, but the push has not yet been received, waiting for the Microsoft back-end server to complete the preparation.

At that time, users will be able to obtain the new version of the installation image to perform the upgrade through the system update module, media creation tool.