October 24, 2020

More Microsoft 365 services will stop supporting IE browser

1 min read

Many years ago, Microsoft stated that it would completely abandon the IE browser. Microsoft will no longer invest in the IE browser, including the development of new features, but provide security updates.

The reason for still providing security updates is that some companies still rely on this old browser, so based on security considerations, Microsoft can only continue to provide updates to ensure security.

But Microsoft’s own services have gradually abandoned the support of the old browser. The reason for Microsoft’s abandonment is that the old browser cannot use the new technology to support the business operation.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, the company will stop supporting the use of Internet Explorer to access Microsoft account services and Microsoft 365 starting from November 30.

At present, Microsoft has issued a notice to companies that still use Internet Explorer to access Microsoft 365. In the notice, Microsoft reminds companies to upgrade their browsers as soon as possible.

Because if you continue to use the IE browser, you will lose access to Microsoft 365 services. Of course, the solution is also very simple to replace other browsers.