Netgear released the Orbi 760 series tri-band Wi-Fi Mesh system

Netgear announced the launch of the Orbi 760 series of Wi-Fi Mesh systems. This is based on the Orbi 750 series Wi-Fi Mesh system, with faster speeds, capacity for more devices, and a one-year bundle of NETGEAR Armor to provide automatic protection for the home against connected threats across connected devices.
According to TechPowerup, the Orbi 760 series is a tri-band Wi-Fi Mesh system that supports Wi-Fi 6, can cover an area of ​​7,500 square feet (about 696.77 square meters), provides Wi-Fi connection speeds of up to 5.4 Gbps, and supports up to 75 devices run simultaneously. Double the bandwidth of the Orbi 750 Series Wi-Fi Mesh systems for the latest Windows laptops, Android phones, and tablets supporting the 160 MHz band.

Netgear said the Orbi 760 series Wi-Fi Mesh system uses its patented dedicated backhaul architecture to ensure a reliable connection between the main router and extension extenders, even as users add more devices. If users want to extend their coverage, additional extension extenders can be added, which can be done easily at the push of a button. At the same time, smart parental controls and the Orbi app can be used to manage the Wi-Fi system and promote healthy Internet usage habits.

Netgear said that the Orbi 760 series Wi-Fi Mesh system has been available on September 15. Pricing: Orbi 760 Series

  • RBK763S: Router and 2 Satellites – 3 pack, €649.99, £589.99
  • RBK762S: Router and 1 Satellite – 2 pack, €449.99, £409.99
  • RBS760: 1 Satellite – €149.99, £179.99