Intel introduces a new processor for the essential product space: Intel Processor

Some time ago, AMD announced a new naming convention for processors to support Ryzen mobile processors in 2023. The reason is that the existing naming system simply cannot adapt to the upcoming SoCs, and new naming and numbering rules are required to support these products developed for different market segments.
Recently, Intel also made adjustments for next year’s mobile processor products, announcing that a new name will be enabled on mobile processors in 2023. It is called “Intel Processor” to replace the Pentium and Celeron brands that have been used for many years.

Image: Intel

Intel said that this is to streamline the brand structure and further strengthen the focus on flagship brands, including Core, Intel EVO, and vPro (vPro). Intel believes the update simplifies branded offerings across PC segments, strengthening each product’s value proposition while simplifying the customer buying experience.

Intel is committed to continuing to provide the same products and advantages within the market segment, Intel Processor will maintain Intel’s current product offering and product roadmap unchanged. Josh Newman, Intel vice president, and general manager of mobile client platforms said the move allows users to focus on choosing the processor that suits their needs.