Microsoft doesn’t rule out buying more game studios to compete with Tencent and Sony

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, said in a recent interview that while the $7.5 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard has not yet been completed, the company does not rule out the possibility of acquiring more game studios in the future.
When asked if Microsoft will continue to make acquisitions in the future, or if it will stop for a while, Phil Spencer said:

This is such a competitive market, I don’t think we get to press pause on anything. Tencent is the largest gaming company on the planet today, and they continue to heavily invest in gaming content and game creators. Sony is a larger business than we are in gaming today, and they continue to invest. It’s a highly, highly competitive market.”We strive to be a major player. We want to deliver great content for our players, and we’re going to remain active.

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In a later interview, Phil Spencer insisted that Microsoft did not have an interest in acquiring Discord, a well-known player voice communication platform, and said that he was very satisfied with the mutual cooperation model between the two companies. He also mentioned that JRPG games are still Sony and Nintendo’s forte, while Microsoft is still unsuccessful in the Japanese market. Perhaps that’s why Phil Spencer meets and establishes working connections with Japanese developers.

At present, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is under increasing scrutiny, and the entire acquisition is also stuck in the review of various countries.