LG hopes its LTPO OLED panels will pass Apple’s review

It was previously reported that with the increasing demand for the high-end iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple intends to increase Samsung’s order volume to produce more LTPO OLED panels for these two models. In order to meet the demands of Apple’s orders, Samsung has ordered more equipment from multiple suppliers to increase the production capacity of LTPO OLED panels since the end of last month. The reason why Samsung easily won more LTPO OLED panel orders has a lot to do with LG’s supply delays.

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According to The Elec, LG’s LTPO OLED panels for the iPhone 14 Pro Max are in the final stages of review, and Apple will make a final decision in about two weeks. This is the first time LG has commercialized its LTPO OLED panel, while rival Samsung made its first LTPO OLED panel back in 2020 for its own Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
It is said that in the LTPO OLED panel samples LG previously provided to Apple, there were problems with the thin film transistor and the position of the top front camera, so some materials used in the production process had to be replaced and reliability tests were re-tested. If LG’s LTPO OLED panel samples still fail to pass Apple’s review this time, they need to go through the process again, and the timetable will be delayed.

If all goes well, LG will start mass production in early October while securing more orders for LTPO OLED panels, and its new production line in Paju, South Korea will be responsible for fulfilling the supply target of the first 10 million LTPO OLED panels. As LG missed the first supply, Samsung received more orders for LTPO OLED panels. Compared with the OLED panels used in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models, Apple has higher requirements for the OLED panels of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max and is more difficult to manufacture.