Microsoft to shorten the release cycle of Microsoft Edge stable version to four weeks

In the past, Google Chrome released a new version every 6 weeks or about one and a half months. Now, Google Chrome has decided to shorten the release cycle of the stable version directly to 4 weeks.

The Google Chrome development team stated that Google is improving the testing and release of the browser, and the pace of security updates to Google Chrome has also been improved.

This helps shorten the browser’s release cycle so that users can get new features faster, so in the follow-up, Google Chrome’s stable version will become a monthly update.

Now Microsoft has also decided to follow in the footsteps of Google to shorten the Microsoft Edge browser release cycle. Of course, this is mainly to facilitate the synchronization of the replacement status of the stable version of Chromium.

Microsoft recommendation Edge browser

Microsoft said that the changes to the release cycle will help provide customers with new features more quickly. The same Microsoft will also add an Extended Stable option to its own browser.

This newly-added Extended Stable option is mainly for enterprises and users who pursue stability. The extended stable version is updated every two months, so the iteration of new features will be slower.

The security update of the extended stable version is still updated for half a month, which means that companies can not only ensure the security of the browser but also pay attention to the overall stability. The new release cycle of the Microsoft browser is expected to start from the Microsoft Edge 94.