Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Microsoft releases a new cumulative update for Windows 10

2 min read

Following Microsoft security update to all branch releases of Windows 10 yesterday, Microsoft today released a new cumulative update to fix some bugs. Yesterday’s cumulative update mainly fixes high-risk vulnerabilities in the Microsoft scripting engine, so strictly speaking, yesterday’s cumulative update should be considered a security update. However, since it is not an update released on the monthly routine update date, it can be considered to be of a test nature, and the update released today is a non-security update. The non-security updates released at this time are also of a test nature.



  • Allows Microsoft Edge to print PDF documents that contain landscape and portrait-oriented pages together correctly.
  • Updates an issue that doesn’t provide a cursor when you select a text input box using touch.
  • Updates an issue that prevents some minimized windows from being restored, closed, or maximized.
  • Updates an issue that prevents the Save and Save As options in Microsoft Office 2010 applications from working when high contrast mode is on.
  • Updates an issue with incorrect folder and file properties in File Explorer.
  • Updates an issue that causes vertical fonts to be larger when printing to a PostScript printer.
  • Updates an issue that prevents Microsoft Narrator from opening.
  • Updates an issue that occasionally prevents you from changing the display brightness after resuming from Sleep or Hibernation when using certain graphics drivers.
  • Updates an issue that causes icons in message box dialogs to appear too large when you choose scaling options in Display settings.
  • Updates an issue that may cause the Calculator app to close unexpectedly if you select any available Converter option.
  • Updates an issue that causes excessive CPU usage when you switch applications or hover over the Taskbar.
  • Updates an issue that causes a dim display after waking from Sleep.