Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Windows 10 is now running on over 900 million devices

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According to the latest statistics released by Microsoft’s official website, the total number of users of each version of the Windows 10 system has exceeded 900 million. These devices are primarily Windows 10-based computers, but also include devices such as Xbox, Surface Hubs, the Internet of Things, and other devices.

To achieve this goal, Microsoft has used various methods to upgrade Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to the latest version of Windows 10 in a silent manner. The recent surge in Windows 10 activity is mainly due to Windows 7 will reach EOL soon, and a large number of companies are rushing to deploy upgrade systems. According to this trend, the first half of next year should also allow Windows 10 to increase 100 million users, that is, to achieve 1 billion targets by mid-2020.

Although the data has been made public, Microsoft has not explained how to conduct statistics, nor does it describe the specific requirements for monthly active users.

Via: theverge